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[Prequel] Ascii.Disko - From Airlines To Lifelines Formalin - Burst Into Fire To Avoid - Cyberworld The Invalid - Drift Auto-Auto - Toadboy The Crüxshadows - Stay In Strict Confidence - Industrial Love [Extended Version] Neuroticfish - No More Ghosts [Unreleased] Necessary Response - Dying In The Worst Way NamNamBulu - Ignorance [Main] Daft Punk - The Grid Daft Punk - The Grid [The Crystal Method Remix] Agonoize - Sheer Naked Aggression Alien Vampires - Hyperbolic Doubt [Featuring Chainreactor] Noisuf-X - Finish Him! Aesthetic Perfection - Fvck Indvstrial Ft. Combichrist, [X]-RX [X]-RX - Underground Soman - Growler Suicide Commando - Attention Whore* Eden Synthetic Corps - Attention Whore Aesthetic Perfection - Never Enough* Rotersand - Waiting To Be Born [Full Version]* Assemblage 23 - The Noise Inside My Head [Grendel RMX]* Grendel - End of Ages FabrikC - x4 [Phosgore Remix] Noisuf-X - Runter In Den Bunker Centhron - 666* Alien Vampires - Dark Energy Agonoize - Koprolalie Feindflug - (Stukas) Im Visier :Wumpscut: - Soylent Green Kiew - Feierabend In Kiew* Rummelsnuff - Bratwurstzange Turnbull A.C's - Man Made Modern Machines Sturm Café - Scheissnormal* [:SITD:] - Atomic Apoptygma Berzerk - Non-Stop Violence [CNN Version]* Grendel - Intro Grendel - Harsh Generation Die Braut - Freiheit, Gerechtigkeit, Freundschaft* Aesthetic Perfection - Schadenfreude [Hexen Prozess Remix] Asphyxia - Obliterate My Fate* Suicide Commando - God Is In The Rain* Hocico - Thy Kingdom Come Centhron - Cunt* X-Fusion - Still Breathing* FabrikC - ff [X]-RX - Kein Herz* Alien Vampires - I Fuck Nuns God Module - Victims Among Friends (Amduscia Mix) Derma-Tek - T.W.E.P. Suicide Commando - Die Motherfucker Die* Agonoize - New World Disorder The Retrosic - Dragonfire [:SITD:] - Richtfest* Alien Vampires - Fuck Borders Suicide Commando - Bind, torture, kill* Soman - New Lead Dulce Liquido - Anticristianos* Combichrist - All Pain Is Gone Nachtmahr - Can You Feel The Beat? [Grendel Remix] Agonoize - Numinos (In The Name Of God)* Spark! - Ett Lejon I Dig* Anne Clark - Sleeper In Metropolis* Dioxyde - Geist Grendel - Interrogation leash Eden Synthetic Corps - Heartware Hocico - Born To Be (Hated) [Original Odium]* Pinky and The Brain Main Theme [German Edit] [Outro] Knorkator - Zähneputzen, Pullern Und Ab Ins Bett *Wunschtitel

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