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Plastikman - Spastik GTO - Elevation Deko - How Do You Like Your Cookies Tellurians - Navigator Robert Armani - Watch It (Rave Mix) Robert Armani - Armani Tracks Part Two Analogue - Entrance To Infinity Brother From Another Planet - Planet Earth Like A Tim - Dica War Quazar - Red Alert The Melody - Beat your Heard out DBX - Lego Steve Poindexter - Whiplash Eric Martin - Fire Alarm Tronik House - Up Tempo E-Dancer - Pump to Move Deep Trip - UK Mix Source - The Real Thing Dutch Departement of Techno - Starwood Party (Gijs Vroom Mix) Space Cube - Pain Beltram - My Sound Futurhythm ‎- Phuture 4 Hero - Mr Kirk's Nightmare Space Cube - The Phaser A Homeboy, A Hippie & A Funki Dredd ‎- Total Confusion (Confusion Mix) Space Cube - Kool Killer Tanith - T2 (T800 Mix) The Gateway Experience - Twin Freaks (Original) Perry & Rhodan - The Beat Just Goes Straight On And On Microbots - Cosmic Evolution (K.O. Mix) Phuture Past - Clinically (Inclined Remix) Tyree - Acid Over (Tyree's Mix) Modulator - Timmy's Trance The Melody - The Concert Paul Mix - New Millenium (Tranceatlantic Remix)

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